Don’t Fool Yourself – Just “Meeting Expectations” Sucks

Exceptional customer experiences are one of the few brand differentiators that are still hard to imitate. To encourage and cultivate raving customers, you want to provide outstanding experiences that set your company apart and leave an indelible impression. Meeting expectations is tablestakes I’m not saying don’t meet expectations. But, that just the ante for playing [more…]

Maximizing the Power of Customer Feedback

(From the book, Happy R.A.V.I.N.G. Customers!) Successful customer experience companies listen to their customers. They work to ingrain the voice of the customer throughout the organization. They know that, be it a complaint or suggestion, it is a wonderful customer indeed who invests their own time to improve your organization. You’ll want to grow your [more…]

OCUX – Journey Mapping Workshop

I was recently invited to present a hands-on “Journey Mapping Workshop”, hosted by the Orange County User Experience group in January. It was fantastic! Over 40 UX professionals participated in creating journeys. A team works on innovating their customer’s journey during the Journey Mapping Workshop, presented by Carol Buehrens In the first exercise, they identified [more…]