OCUX – Journey Mapping Workshop

I was recently invited to present a hands-on “Journey Mapping Workshop”, hosted by the Orange County User Experience group in January. It was fantastic! Over 40 UX professionals participated in creating journeys.


A team works on innovating their customer’s journey during the Journey Mapping Workshop, presented by Carol Buehrens

In the first exercise, they identified touchpoints for a customer journey and added these to their high-level map template. Next, they each detailed out one of the touchpoints, providing information as to what the customer was doing, their expectations, motivations, roadblocks, emotions, and other critical components.

During the final exercises, they grouped into “Journey teams.” They developed their target customer and created a brief persona. Combining their touchpoints together into a map, they collaborated to innovate one or more of their touchpoints. With most team members not working together before, this challenge was an exercise in breaking down silos!

At the end of the workshop, the teams held up their maps and made a short presentation, explaining their target customer, how their team innovated the journey, and how journey mapping might help them in their jobs. It was great fun and a wonderful group of people! Enjoy the photos below.

innovating-touchpoints-1 innovating-touchpoints-3

Presenting_the_map_1 Presenting_the_map_2

Happy R.A.V.I.N.G. Customers!

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Images provided by Carol Buehrens