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The following links are gathered to help you focus on the art of Customer Experience, as well as other interests!
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Associations & Groups

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The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)
LinkedIn: CXPA

CX Influencers

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Books to add to your CX library!

Happy Raving Customers, Carol Buehrens
Customer Experience Program Workbook, Carol Buehrens
Would You Do That To Your Mother?, Jeanne Bliss
Chief Customer Experience Officer, 2.0, Jeanne Bliss
I Love You More Than My Dog, Jeanne Bliss
Customer Experience Rules! 52 ways to create a great customer experience, Jeoff Beane
Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management, JC Quintana
Speaking Frankly About Business Relationships, JC Quintana
Speaking Frankly About Conversation Intelligence, JC Quintana
Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh
Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine

Book from my Women in Leadership Program

Women in Leadership Program Workbook, Carol Buehrens and Dr. Sarit Levy

Books from my Strategic AI Program

Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?, Kenneth Wenger
ChatGPT Passive Income Blueprint, Eugene McKinney
Chat GPT Bible – 10 Books in 1, Codi Byte
AI: The New Revolution, Julien Mattei
The ChatGPT Millionaire, Neil Dagger
Strategic AI, Eric Greenberg

Books from my Digital Marketing Program

Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Matt Bailey
Wired to be Wowed: Great Marketing Isn’t an Accident, Matt Bailey
Teach New Dogs Old Tricks, Matt Bailey

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