Five Steps to YES with Journey Maps

If you’re like most of us, before you can start work innovating customer’s experiences, you need the proper buy-in to get initiatives off the ground. Download the Free E-Book “High-Level Journey Maps & Five Steps to YES” with templates, by Carol Buehrens Since customer experience is part of business strategy, many innovation projects impact the [more…]

Customer Experience – Not Just Web Design

With so much hoopla made over the digital customer these days, we might forget that Customer Experience is not so one-sided. The term is defined as “the cumulative impact of the total interactions customers have with your company, people, services and products.” This means we have Omni-customers. ‘Total interactions’ means ‘everything customers come in contact [more…]

Your First VoC Program is Easier to Start Than You Think

Successful customer experience companies listen to their customers. They listen continuously. They make certain to “bring the voice” of the customer inside, so that it becomes a part of their organization. By hearing this feedback, employees learn and understand their customers’ needs, wants and changing expectations. Take a cue from these successful companies – listen [more…]

Seven Important Steps to Customer Journeys

Do you know what your customers are doing? Download the Free E-Book “Customer Experience Journey Mapping Workshop Toolkit” by Carol Buehrens You want to improve your customer’s experiences? Great! Now, where should you begin? Well, before you get started, you may want to take a step back and assess what your customers are already experiencing today. [more…]