Total Customer Experience 2013 – You should have been there!

Total Customer Experience Summit 2013 San Diego

Total Customer Experience Summit 2013 San Diego

Had a great time at the Total Customer Experience 2013 in San Diego, November 6-7. Amazing messages, great keynotes and presenters, lots of cool takeaways.

I had the wonderful opportunity to present Customer Experience Journey Mapping to a very talented group of professionals. Here are some key takeaways: Your customers are having many experiences with your organization – people, systems, processes – every day. It makes sense that you should know what those experiences are so that you can effectively plan them. Journey maps, which help you document customer touchpoints and interactions, are essential tools that allow you understand and improve those experiences. You can take baby steps in mapping your customer’s experiences. And it can be fun!

My own key takeaway from this session? Include more workshop type activities! Everyone enjoyed this part of the presentation the most. And, as they say, you learn best by doing.  In the hands-on session, participants identified the details of their selected touchpoints, which included customer motivation, emotions, artifacts, questions, and barriers that could cause customers to be unsuccessful.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!

Total Customer Experience Summit 2013 San Diego carol_buehrens_total_customer_experience_summit_6

carol_buehrens_total_customer_experience_summit_7 carol_buehrens_total_customer_experience_summit_9

carol_buehrens_total_customer_experience_summit_5 carol_buehrens_total_customer_experience_summit_3


Images provided by Carol Buehrens

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