Online Experience – Providing Dimensionality

Unlike the old days, when the in-store experience had many different impacts on your sensory perception, the online experience is mostly one-dimensional. So, what do online brands like Amazon do to help create a better experience and engage their customers? Listen to this NPR Broadcast, featuring John Hockenberry interviewing Jeofrey Bean, co-author of The Customer  [more…]

On Customer Journeys

One of my favorite part of the Customer Experience discipline is the art of mapping customer journeys. They’re fun to create, insightful, and they help to pinpoint gaps in services, redundancies, and opportunities to innovate. Like a road trip, customer journeys are made up of a series of interactions called touchpoints. You can think of touchpoints [more…]

How much of Customer Experience is emotion?

As customers take their Journey with your company, they may be happy because it was pleasant and rewarding. They might be frustrated because they stumbled along the way – perhaps a touchpoint failed or did not meet expectations. Whatever customers feel, it means everything According to Beyond Philosophy, “Emotions drive everything we do.”  In the [more…]

What a great CX-Day!

Our very first CX-Day, which was celebrated on October 1, was a blast. Our local San Diego event was exciting and engaging. The evening started with a fantastic multi-course meal supplied by the Irvine Company. Over 50 attendees mulled around the serving tables during the initial networking period. The presenter was Beck Carroll, author of [more…]

CX-Day October 1!

October 1 is the very first “Customer Experience Day”! CX Professionals will be taking time to celebrate the passion of creating great customer experiences, as well as the professionals that make it happen. What are you doing on October 1? There are so many events to chose from, it’s all very exciting. Check out this website to [more…]